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I wonder how well the Pixel Fold has sold?#
Feeds All Around provides a way to discover RSS feeds related to a mastodon account. The app appears to be able to dig out the RSS feed from a site. Because it uses Mastodon it provides a way to drill down to followers of followers, and therefore is a bit of a rabbit hole. I plugged in my Mastodon handle and did some exploring. #
AT&T wants to get rid of their traditional landline service. They have been sending me offers to conver to AT&T Phone - Advanced, which is a VoIP solution that primarily uses their cellular network and fails over to broadband. The service is cheaper and would allow us to keep our home phone number, but the problem is that we only get one bar of cellular service at our condo. We have a microcell that we use to strengthen/enable our cellular connectivity. What would work for us, I think, is if the broadband VoIP was the primary connection then I would just put the device in the basement. What I really wish we could so is have our home phone number forwarded to both of our cellular phones, which enable us to preserve the number while decreasing our cost.#

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