of Frank McPherson
Wednesday April 24, 2024; 3:45 PM EDT
  • If one does not read the instructions, is it obvious how to get to a site in the blogroll to the right? #
  • Now that I added a blogroll page to my main blog I notice that one what I would consider main features of a blog roll, which is getting to the sites on the list, is not obvious. No obvious hyperlinks exist in the blogroll, to get to post of a site you need to click the date or time that is to the right of the entry. I personally do not think that this is obvious to a user who has never seen this function where as the simply list version produced by micro.blog provides an obvious hyperlink. #
  • I added a blogroll page, Other Bloggers, to my main blog that is hosted on micro.blog. The blogroll uses a new Recommendations feature recently added to micro.blog, which is inspired by Dave's work on blogrolls but not exactly the same. You see that the blogroll on the right of this page knows when a site has been updated and sorts the list in that chronological order. Dave's blogroll "widget" is connected to Feedland. Micro.blog recommendations is not connected to FeedLand and is a simple list of sites, although one can upload an OPML file to generate the site list. I have to add or remove sites via the Recommendations section of microblog design. #

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