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Wednesday April 24, 2024; 12:27 PM EDT
  • One of the most powerful features of Drummer is the glossary. In summary, the glossary searches for defined strings and replaces that string with something else. I primarily use the glossary to have Old School create hyperlinks to sites I frequent refer to such as my blog.#
  • The glossary is an OPML file and I associate it to my blog by populating the OPML header urlGlossary with of the URL to the OPML file. I don't know how the glossary functionality works exactly but it appears to occur during the publishing process, but I pretty sure it is triggered via Build my blog. #
  • What I wish I could do is access the Glossary functionality from within Drummer. I imagine it working similar to a manually triggered spell check, select a menu option or trigger a script to "Run Glossary Check" and it would scan the contents of a node for any matching strings and replace them within the OPML file itself. So for example, it would change a string "my blog" with a markdown link using my blog as the link text, which when published to micro.blog will render as a hyperlink. #
  • Perhaps all I need is a glossary verb that would scan the text of a current node against a provided glossary file URL and converted any matches. The key difference here I think is initiating the scan from within Drummer and having the results affected OPML file in the open tab in Drummer. I wonder, can I write a script that does something like Find and Replace? #

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