Notes from a retired newspaper publisher
Wednesday July 10, 2024; 3:44 PM EDT
  • Hostages. For too long.#
    • Say their names, @JoeBiden. — JOHN ONDRASIK: America’s Invisible #Hostage Crisis in Gaza. I’m old enough to remember the yellow ribbons. [Link]#
  • An inbred fleabitten academia.#
    • Higher education too often is neither higher nor education. — TaxProf Blog: Why Are There So Few Conservative Professors? [Link]#
  • Lying undermines all of society.#
    • Foremost of the #Democrats’ sins is, not hyperbole, but constantly lying as if there never would be consequences. — Democrats Are Due a Good Mondale-ing, by @utahprez [Link]#
    • They lied last time. No trust left. — WE’VE HEARD THIS SONG BEFORE: Russia Seeks to Boost #Trump in 2024 Election, U.S. Intelligence Officials say. [Link]#
  • One can hope. They ignore the Constitution.#
    • What #Democrats did to you and to the country comes back to haunt them. — What the Dementia-ocrats fear, by @donsurber [Link]#
  • Globalists want no checks and balances.#
    • If the @WEF is involved, oppose it. — Now They‘re Coming for Your Food - [Link]#
  • When people say follow the science, they usually follow the politics.#
    • What passes for #science is often #politics. — The WHOI Lye Dumping Experiment: A Reckless Attempt at #Climate Mitigation via @wattsupwiththat [Link]#

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