Notes from a retired newspaper publisher
Monday July 1, 2024; 4:23 PM EDT
  • Political parties did warp the republic, becoming more powerful than elected officials.#
    • For #Democrats and the #Uniparty, the Party matters more than a #republic of individual representatives. This is not what the #Constitution demands. — #Damn the Debate, Full Speed Ahead!, by @utahprez [Link]#
  • He’s got a point.#
    • FTA: “the #government is too powerful, too intrusive and too incompetent” — #Trump court rolls on, by @donsurber [Link]#
    • About time! — “the Political Class’s Worst Nightmare: Accountability.” — MY LATEST SUBSTACK ESSAY: The Supreme Court, Chevron, and the Political Class’s Worst Nightmare: [Link]#
  • Former president Obama’s skirts are not clean.#
    • .@LegInsurrection — You realize the #SCOTUS #immunity decision leaves former @BarackObama liable for unofficial acts such as puppeteering @JoeBiden’s official acts? [Link]#
  • Elon was pointing to worthwhile books. Here is another.#
    • @elonmusk “Less than Words can Say” by Richard Mitchell about clarity of thought that nowadays schools seldom seem to encourage. [Link]#

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