Notes from a retired newspaper publisher
Saturday June 29, 2024; 5:24 PM EDT
  • Mainstream media could only survive when they validated their own integrity.#
    • .#Phony is so #postmodern. — The Art of Being Eternally Shocked: How the #Press and #Pundits are Again Mystified by the Obvious [Link]#
    • It’s wise to look at the #news through a jaundiced eye. — Highlights of the week, by @donsurber [Link]#
  • The pending collapse of publicly controlled schooling.#
    • Credentialed morons label students critical thinkers who graduate absent the skills to think. — NY state should not be in charge of educating students if it moves the goalposts so far back it fails to teach the best skills necessary to succeed. [Link]#

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