Notes from a retired newspaper publisher
Thursday June 27, 2024; 4:46 PM EDT
  • The best media takedown ever!#
    • RT @TuckerCarlson: Meet the Australian media. [Link]#
    • RT @laralogan: Tucker was great before this - but now he will for sure go down as one of the greatest of all time. Meet the GOAT. [Link]#
  • CNN is not a reliable news organization.#
    • RT @ByronYork: A pool reporter should absolutely be in the room. No objection from Biden or Trump. CNN refusing access. [Link]#
    • RT @paulsperry_: BREAKING: Records show ex-hubby of CNN debate moderator Dana Bash is still under contract with the CIA and has green-badge… [Link]#
    • RT @seanmdav: CNN has banned non-CNN apparatchiks from even being physically present at the debate, because CNN plans to rig the debate—and… [Link]#
  • Highly suspicious move from the Deep State.#
    • RT @paulsperry_: 3 days before debate, Morell CIA aide Kristin Wood emailed intel folks to recruit them to sign fake intel re Hunter laptop… [Link]#
    • RT @emilyjashinsky: Just an incredible sequence of events here. ... ... -Clapper lied in a deposition about leaking very dubious intel to CNN... -Cl… [Link]#
    • RT @paulsperry_: The U.S. Intelligence Community claimed the Steele dossier was real and the Hunter laptop was fake. Our spooks got it back… [Link]#
  • The SAT exam should be the same for everyone. It no longer is. It cannot be trusted.#
    • RT @deb_fillman: Well I feel pretty stupid... I try to keep up in all the news y‘all need to have about education, but this slid by and I m… [Link]#
  • Who leaks at the Supreme Court?#
    • RT @chasrmartin: Given that it’s two yeas after Dobbs, and thus there’s a new crop of law clerks, and given that no one was openly blamed f… [Link]#
  • SCOTUS decides the government can’t fine individuals without a jury.#
    • RT @McAdooGordon: I’m late to the SCOTUS party today because we are moving today!... ... But I wanted to let you guys know that the decision toda… [Link]#
  • This will not be the final decision on the issue.#
    • RT @LeeSmithDC: The problem is the argument that the government ‘pressured‘ the platforms to censor Americans. The fact is that since Obama… [Link]#
  • Postmodernism is unAmerican because it encourages lying.#
    • RT @ScottAdamsSays: Democrats control words in America. They decided an obvious act of treason is called "Oops, we really thought it looked… [Link]#
  • Chilling. Communists stand only for effective power.#
    • RT @ConceptualJames: It doesn‘t matter what your views are; Communists don‘t represent you and your interests. Even if you‘re Communist. [Link]#
  • A step toward election integrity.#
    • RT @BehizyTweets: BREAKING: County officials in Rio Grande, Colorado have terminated their contract with Dominion and all funding for their… [Link]#
  • The argument over windpower is incomplete.#
    • RT @FlyFifer10: This photo is the steel reinforcement of the base of a wind turbine, you will still have to add between 600 and 800 M3 of c… [Link]#

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