Notes from a retired newspaper publisher
Thursday June 27, 2024; 4:46 PM EDT
  • Avoiding the issue doesn’t answer the question..#
    • .#SCOTUS argues #standing when it wants to keep sitting on the issue. — MATT TAIBBI: The Supreme Court Punts on #Censorship. The Supreme Court, predictably, sides with t [Link]#
  • Journalism fail.#
    • .@AP management claims to listen to member shareholders but the shallowness of its #news reporting does not change. — EVERYTHING SEEMINGLY IS SPINNING OUT OF CONTROL: “Jamaal Bowman’s loss signals uncertainty of wher [Link]#
    • The media have made Americans the real losers in the debate. The #MSM wouldn’t know an issue wrapped up with a bow. — Let this be the last debate, by @donsurber [Link]#
  • It’s all about consolidating control.#
    • Who does your @BarackObama /@JoeBiden #Democratic administration work for? Not you. — CRISIS BY DESIGN: Under Biden Administration, #Border Patrol Officers Pressured To Allow Border Cross [Link]#
  • What’s happening to news media?#
    • Report does not dis-aggregate local (useful), regional, and national(noise) #news. Nor does it show the decline of local retail business that funded 75% of print subscription costs. It avoids addressing the quality of #journalism at the heart of the issue. [Link]#
  • What to do about ever-expanding federal government.#
    • Zero based funding. Limited taxes. Smaller scope. Jefferson was right. Keep government as local as possible. — The Deeper State, by @utahprez [Link]#
  • Lies are incompatible with society. Postmodernists lie by redefining the meaning of common words #
    • Take precautions is #postmodern for “Leave!” [Link]#

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