Notes from a retired newspaper publisher
Tuesday June 25, 2024; 9:22 PM EDT
  • Pointedly true.#
    • RT @ScottAdamsSays: Our so-called "Republic" elects its leaders based on how successfully the corporate news keeps the truth from Democrats… [Link]#
  • Call it a coup attempt, because that is what it was.#
    • RT @mirandadevine: Bombshell 🚨🚨🚨CIA top officials - including Director - interfered with the 2020 election by clearing publication of the B… [Link]#
  • Accurate.#
    • RT @ThomasSowell: Reality does not go away when it is ignored. [Link]#
  • Or, it could be lawfare on purpose.#
    • RT @realchrisrufo: The prosecutor who is trying to imprison Texas Children‘s whistleblower Eithan Haim got the facts wrong, admitted that s… [Link]#
  • Untrustworthy. Period.#
    • RT @RichardGrenell: A vote for radical Schiff is a vote for more of this chaos. ... ... Schiff helped usher in the anti-cop movement. [Link]#
  • Always postmodernism fudging with the common definition of words.#
    • RT @brithume: Of all the euphemisms for abortion, the most absurd is "reproductive health care." Abortion is about many things, but it is c… [Link]#
  • Democrats tried to avoid a debate, but Trump has everyone skeptical.#
    • RT @ByronYork: Trump on how this debate came about: ‘What they did, I’m pretty sure, is that they approached me with a debate that I couldn… [Link]#
  • Obama is the gray eminence behind the attempted capture of America. History will not be kind. He doesn’t care.#
    • RT @paulsperry_: FLASHBACK: Obama intel hack Jim Clapper, Oct 2017: "With respect to the dossier, the key thing is [it] doesnt matter who p… [Link]#
  • Double Standards.#
    • RT @charliekirk11: Douglass Mackey was sentenced to seven months for making an obvious joke meme about texting in your vote for Hillary Cli… [Link]#
  • Such theatrics are unethical, but they don’t care.#
    • RT @julie_kelly2: HOLY SH*T: Special Counsel Jack Smith just admitted the FBI added cover sheets to alleged classified documents found at M… [Link]#
  • Best to prepare because Democrats have shown no ethical standards about stealing elections.#
    • RT @StephenM: BREAKING: America First Legal sends battle plan to elected officials nationwide on how to prevent illegal aliens from voting… [Link]#
  • Journalism.#
    • RT @JonathanTurley: The sheer hypocrisy in the media is overwhelming after denouncing any criticism of Judge Juan Merchan in the Manhattan… [Link]#
  • Standing up against postmodern word-shifting.#
    • RT @RepDonaldsPress: "ILLEGAL" – Forbidden by law.... ... "ALIEN" – Terminology in Title 8 of US Code to describe a person who is not a citizen o… [Link]#

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