Notes from a retired newspaper publisher
Tuesday June 25, 2024; 9:22 PM EDT
  • Leftists and Democrats lie because they don’t know enough to respect others.#
    • When @JoeBiden’s administration considers a wide range of opinions, wide, in #postmodernism, means very narrow. In common parlance, they lie. — Biden @DOE Outsourcing Home Appliance Regulations to Left-Wing Green Groups [Link]#
  • Leftists and Democrats are hoping for a reaction they can capitalize on to pusje their agenda even further.#
    • A constitutional restatement for @BarackObama ’s anti-social #leftists of, “Are you feelin’ lucky, punk?” — Will Societal Instability Backfire?, by @utahprez [Link]#
  • Journalism fail.#
    • The British rightfully call their talking heads #newsreaders because they are neither reporters nor journalists. — Liberal Media Scream: @CNN proves anti-Trump bias days before debate via @dcexaminer [Link]#
  • This is what real science is for.#
    • It’s often worthwhile to learn what you don’t know. — Widely Used And Deemed Safe, These Food Additives Are More Harmful Than Thought [Link]#

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