Notes from a retired newspaper publisher
Sunday June 23, 2024; 9:32 PM EDT
  • The more nothing is done, the greater the consequences will be.#
    • Disruption is not protected by the #FirstAmendment. Use enough force to stop and remove them. Then jail time. — Protesters Storm The 18th Green During Pivotal Moment In Golf Tournament, Appear To Throw Smoke, Powder via @dailycaller [Link]#
  • Most people think they understand morality.#
    • When people discuss #morality, at least they get to rule out what it is not. Then comes the real work. — Morally Flexible, by @utahprez [Link]#
    • Exigencies are not #principles that pragmatic thinkers use. Those that substitute one for the other mistake #hubris for #ethics. — [Link]#
  • The outrageous postmodern spin will be almost funny.#
    • Clarice might as well have said to bring popcorn to the #debate. — Will the #SupremeCourt Affect the Debate? - American Thinker [Link]#
    • ROGER KIMBALL: Some Unsolicited Advice: #Trump should allow #Biden to do what Biden does so well: to descend into rambling, shrewish incoherence, while his focus should be on what a future under Donald Trump might look like. [Link]#
  • Undermining everything they touch.#
    • MAKE THEM PAY: Pentagon sued over deletion of ‘Duty, Honor, Country.’ [Link]#
  • Fascinating to watch a thinker stand up for beliefs.#
    • Unafraid, unapologetic, and backed with evidence, @ArchbpVigano faces @Pontifex #lawfare. — Climate Wars: The Green Pope vs. The Realist Archbishop in a ‘extrajudicial criminal trial for schism‘ via @wattsupwiththat [Link]#
  • Overreach.#
    • Governments, particularly #Democrats, should govern, not rule. — Huge Percentage Of #EV Owners Want To Go Back To Normal Cars, Study Finds via @wattsupwiththat [Link]#
  • Unbridled intellect.#
    • Do not jump quickly to #activists ’ #sciency conclusions. — ANOTHER “SCIENTIFIC” MYTH, BUSTED: The Mysterious ‘Ecocide’ Collapse of Easter Island Never Really [Link]#

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