Notes from a retired newspaper publisher
Thursday June 20, 2024; 2:47 PM EDT
  • It galvanizes voters.#
    • What happens when citizens recognize when politicians and media pee on your shoes and call it rain. — NYC sees #Trump was right, by @donsurber [Link]#
  • Bring back education.#
    • Schools today only give Rhetoric lip service. They apparently citizens that think are an inconvenience. — The Wonderful World of Deflection, by @utahprez [Link]#
    • .@mikeroweworks, Schools misunderstand that “Something to stand for” necessarily comes from looking at unique individual experience only to discover what is universal. — Mike Rowe Gives Us Something to Stand For [Link]#
    • Blame government schools and economic policies for stealing decent futures from people. — I Will Endeavor to Stay Alive‘: Elon Musk Reveals There Were Two Failed Assassination Attempts Against Him #gatewaypundit via @gatewaypundit [Link]#
  • They could, but won’t.#
    • New York State politicians see the looming energy crunch but dare not speak its name. — Con Edison Launches Campaign To Deflect Blame For The Coming Energy Disaster via @wattsupwiththat [Link]#
    • It’s the #Democrats who created these policies that are not worth saving. — Combat Fatigue, by @utahprez [Link]#
  • Postmodernism.#
    • Anti-science activism is old-school political spin. — #Climate Activists Are Wrong About Which Energy Source Reduces Air Pollution via @wattsupwiththat [Link]#
    • Anti-science activism. — Great Travel Reset: Britons who travel abroad more than once a year would face punitive ‘frequent flyer’ levies under Green Party proposals via @wattsupwiththat [Link]#
  • Ain’t it the truth!#
    • @iowahawkblog Imagine having grown up to realize you have become one of the people your parents warned you to stay away from when you were little. [Link]#

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