Notes from a retired newspaper publisher
Monday June 17, 2024; 5:33 PM EDT
  • Particularly when governments insist elections are secure.#
    • Elections have consequences. — Can Things Get Worse?, by @utahprez [Link]#
  • Shortsighted?#
    • .#Democratic leaders want top-down rule more than the checks and balances of a republic. — Why The Left Hates It When You Point Out We’re ‘A Republic, Not A Democracy’ [Link]#
    • Why does anyone register #Democrat anymore? How Left-wing Conspiracies Work [Link]#
  • There are no consequences for their lies.#
    • A certain lack of trust is called for with @DHSgov . — DHS Is Still Paying Former PLO Spokesperson Who Celebrated October 7 Hamas Attack [Link]#
  • Journalism.#
    • .#Politics is full of alogical arguments claimed to be #news. — TDS becomes unprofitable, by @donsurber [Link]#
    • Whatever happened to legitimate #journalism? — ABC’s Jon Karl Tries To Correct Tim Scott On Crime, Gets SHUT DOWN [Link]#

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