Notes from a retired newspaper publisher
Sunday June 16, 2024; 6:55 PM EDT
  • Saving the nation.#
    • If non-leftists are elected in November it will be key to quickly establish transition teams to see how unrest is officially addressed by lame ducks. [Link]#
    • What #Democrat politicians are doing is not just foolish, it’s dangerous. Halcyon Days , by @utahprez [Link]#
    • Evidence that #Democrats are likely to turn a blind eye to disruption. — Be Prepared for Chaos - American Thinker [Link]#
  • Another alternative for Democrats.#
    • @ScottAdamsSays Lying, Stupid, or TDS? How about Cosplay? [Link]#
  • If Facebook ever had a mind it has lost it now. This tweet didn’t meet their “Community Standards”.#
    • Are elitists more #racist than bigots? — Scientific Racism, by @utahprez [Link]#
  • Just because you are elected doesn’t mean you rule.#
    • How do you spell government overreach? — Oakland #Reparations Committee Demands $5 Million Just To Write Plan [Link]#
  • It’s not clear New York State has an energy policy.#
    • Someone ask @GovKathyHochul how she’ll power New York’s new chip fab. — A Preview on Some of The New York #Energy Impossibility via @wattsupwiththat [Link]#
    • Darkness in the dead of night. — Blue State #Dems Throw Wrench in Plan to Extend Life of #ZeroEmission Power Plant via @wattsupwiththat [Link]#
  • South Park creators teach creative writing. #

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