Notes from a retired newspaper publisher
Monday February 12, 2024; 5:07 PM EST
  • McConnell seems to be working for other than American goals.#
    • RT @bennyjohnson: Sen. Rand Paul surgically dismantles DC Uniparty over border crisis:... ... “I would say it’s criminal neglect for Mitch McConn… [Link]#
    • RT @StephenM: There was never a border security bill in the senate. There was an amnesty bill that allowed Mayorkas to rapidly approve newl… [Link]#
    • RT @MZHemingway: Your must read: The Republican Plot Against Republican Voters [Link]#
    • RT @JDVance1: This new Ukraine bill tries to make it ILLEGAL for Trump to do what he is promising on the campaign trail. ... ... It is a plot aga… [Link]#
    • RT @MZHemingway: Ohio Sen. J.D. Vance: Mitch McConnell Slipped A ‘Hidden Impeachment Clause’ Against Trump Into Ukraine Spending https://t.… [Link]#
    • RT @seanmdav: You were given a choice: secure America’s border, or send more money to Ukraine. You abandoned our border and then funneled b… [Link]#
  • What is in Rafah besides hostages?#
    • RT @melissaeweiss: I spoke to an Israeli defense official this morning. They said, and I quote: “Lazzarini claiming ignorance is ludicrous,… [Link]#
    • RT @wajacobson: There‘s something or some people they don‘t want Israel to find in Rafah that has nothing to do with the hostages or safety… [Link]#
  • A treasure trove of data.#
    • RT @claricefeldman7: Charlie Martin who knows such things says the cutting of the cables to the data banks under UNWRA HQ did not destroy t… [Link]#
  • Crooked?#
    • RT @ProfMJCleveland: The Appendix from Special Counsel Hur‘s report provided enough detail to see an amazing overlap of Joe Biden‘s VP work… [Link]#
  • Persistently working against Americans.#
    • RT @JonathanTurley: The Biden White House is moving to shift work of the “Climate Czar” from the State Department to the White House. John… [Link]#
  • Too many for it not to be intentional.#
    • RT @ScottAdamsSays: I updated the Hoax Quiz to add the NATO Funding Hoax, AKA the expected Summer Hoax. [Link]#

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