Getting back to blogging the way it used (and ought) to be
Thursday August 12, 2021; 5:58 PM EDT
  • This brings back blogging like it's 1999. #
  • Just added a lot of captions and mouse-over callouts to a large album of aerial photos I shot en route from Newark to Los Angeles on a clear morning in 2019.#
  • On the one hand, Stop Trackers Dead: The Best Private Browsers for 2021, subtitled "The web is infested with marketers mining your data and targeting you for sales. Foil the snoops with the tracking protection and privacy-conscious search features offered by these secure browsers," is a good piece by Michael Muchmore in PC Mag. On the other hand, the magazine's site itself is a well-stocked delivery system for injecting your browser with exactly the kinds of trackers Michael would like you avoid. Take a look with the excellent PageXray from FouAnalytics.#
  • Prediction: Rachel Maddow won't leave MSNBC just because she's burned out. She'll leave because they can't begin to offer her the kind of money that Spotify and SiriusXM are laying out just for A-list podcasters. (For example, $100 million to Joe Rogan and $200 million to Bill Simmons and The Ringer.)#


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